Comparison between two used notebooks

Comparison between two used notebooks


What is the best way to choose the best-used notebook for you to buy?

How do you trust the price displayed on the device?

Are you looking for a used laptop for sale in Sao Paulo or all brazil?


An introduction:

Many online stores in brazil sell used laptops these days, and many of them sometimes display the laptop at a meager price, so here we will clarify the essential points that will make your confidence in the site bigger.

That will be done by comparing two used laptops of the same type, on the Agora site, and clarifying the basis for pricing.

We will discuss the two axes, the specifications that interest you if you are going to buy a used laptop, and the pricing method adopted by online stores.


The most important points you should consider when you want to buy a used notebook:


In this section the laptop used for comparison is-HP ZBook 15 Generation 3-

This laptop, with its high specifications, will be the right choice for you.

For Example, this laptop is powered by the processor "Intel Core i7-6820HG 6th Generation".

It also features a large and improved memory size -RAM- from 4GB to "8GB" or "32GB".

The Hard disk drive it's with an excellent condition "500 GB".

Also, the "Solid-state-drive" is available for one laptop and not for another.

The Graphics it's a great condition in both of these two used laptops:

"Intel Integrated HD Graphics 620"," NVIDIA QUADOKM 1000M 2GB EDITED VIDEO".

These were some vital comparison points that you should keep in mind.

·       Pricing methods used:

Many sites in the same sector adopt certain criteria in setting the price of products. Here in Agora, it is characterized by its competitive prices and largely studied.

First, storage space, and outstanding graphics, also the

battery life.

One of the things that makes the Agora site so special is that there is a full six-month warranty, in addition to providing a warranty document on product safety.

Now in Brazil you will not be confused about choosing your used laptop, you are in the right place and we have experts who will help you to reach your best product. Stay in touch with us, we are happy to help you.










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